Blue Dream: Top Weed Strain You Should Know

Few strains enjoy the infamy of Blue Dream. In fact, Blue Dream has become such a popular weed strain that you can find it in medical and recreational dispensaries nationwide. That might have you thinking: What exactly led to everyone’s love of Blue Dream? In this post, we’ll answer that question by looking at what type of strain Blue Dream is, plus the specifics every cannabis fan should know about this strain.

What is Blue Dream? A Legendary Strain

For being such a legendary strain, Blue Dream’s origins are something of a mystery. What we do know is that it first appeared in California around 2003. It quickly spread from there, becoming something of a household name in both the US and Canada. It earned its reputation thanks to a star-studded genetic line, memorable fragrance, tasty flavor, and well-balanced high.

Blue Dream Genetics

One glance at Blue Dream’s pedigree will tell you exactly why this strain continues to be such a heavy hitter. It traces its lineage back to two more legends, DJ Short’s Blueberry and the notorious Haze. That pedigree gives Blue Dream a slightly sativa-dominant genetic profile. Clocking in at 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica, this strain inhabits the best of both worlds.

Blue Dream’s lineage does more than just affect the high you can anticipate, though. It also has a huge impact on this strain’s fragrance and taste.

Blue Dream Aroma and Flavor

The “blue” in “Blue Dream” is a nod to its Blueberry lineage. That’s something you’ll notice immediately upon cracking its container. Its luscious, sweet, blueberry aroma assails your nose, quickly making its presence known. A faint, earthy subtext lies beneath that powerfully sweet opening, giving it a more complex aroma than its predecessor.

As soon as you spark up some Blue Dream, this strain’s berry flavor becomes apparent. It doubles down on the sweet berry burst, washing over your taste buds with juicy goodness. That’s not all, though. It also exhibits some sweet vanilla tones, along with herbal undertones.

While Blue Dream’s flavor and aroma are definitely top-tier, they’re not the only reason to try this strain out. What really makes Blue Dream legendary are its effects.

Blue Dream Effects

With a THC content that hovers just under 20 percent, Blue Dream is the perfect strain for newbies and vets alike. Thanks to its sativa-dominant genetics, Blue Dream features both a rush of uplifting and relaxing vibes. It leads with a rush of cerebral euphoria before gently lulling you into a deep, full-body high.

In spite of having the word “dream” in its name, Blue Dream isn’t a particularly sleepy strain. Instead, it may help spark creativity. It’s also a great strain to bring to a party. It’s the perfect icebreaker, getting everyone talkative and social after just a few puffs.

Blue Dream owes its effects to more than just its THC content, though. As we mentioned before, this strain boasts plenty of the terpene Myrcene. According to research, Myrcene may have some effects of its own, contributing to the overall properties of Blue Dream. For example, Myrcene may help soothe anxiety and stress. In addition, it appears to have anti-inflammatory properties.

At the end of the day, reading about Blue Dream can only teach you so much. It’s time to try it for yourself. That’s where we come in! Pick up some Blue Dream at one of our locations!