Mission’s Top Movies to Watch While High

You’ve just finished off a long day of work and now it’s time to kick back and relax at home. When it comes to post-work activities, there are few pairings more classic than a funny movie and some good bud.

There are so many good funny movies out there, though! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are three of our favorite funny movies to watch when you’re high.

Top Funny Movies to Watch While High

Comedy is the go-to genre when you’re feeling happy and relaxed after enjoying high quality cannabis. Comedy also happens to be one of the most popular and ubiquitous genres of films out there, so how did we narrow our list down to just three?

While there is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a funny movie to watch while high, we offer up three classics. If you’ve seen any (or all) of them, revisiting them will feel like hanging out with an old friend, and if you haven’t they are essentials that any cannabis lover should see.

Friday (1995)

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, drop everything and stream it right now. Friday, which came out in 1995, helps to bridge the gap between old-school stoner comedies (think Cheech and Chong) and the newer iterations of the genre. Although the movie didn’t enjoy much fanfare upon its release, it quickly became a cult classic.

In fact, the movie became so popular that it inspired two sequels and an animated series that aired in 2007. The plot follows friends (a staple of the stoner movie genre) Craig and Smokey as they bumble their way through the last workday of the week. You’ll see many future stars as the movie progresses, including Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and Regina King (of Watchmen and The Boondocks fame). Make no mistake: this film is a piece of stoner lore and one of the best comedy movies to watch while high. You need to see it.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

While Bill and Ted may not be explicitly smoking weed during their totally excellent temporal jaunt, they certainly act like they are (maybe they took some edibles before George Carlin sent them back in time).

Although the movie came out in 1989, it actually seems a bit ahead of its time—perhaps something to do with the time-traveling nature of its plot. It’s also a movie that helped launch Keanu Reeves’ career, which makes it fun to watch in retrospect. You don’t often get to see the actor famous for playing action heroes like Neo and John Wick making jokes about the number “69.”

Dude Where’s My Car (2000)

Here’s another movie that’s not explicitly a “stoner comedy,” but the movie still seems to take plenty of inspiration from cannabis. The plot follows heroes Jesse and Chester (played by Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott) as they delve ever deeper into a ridiculous series of escapades to find Jesse’s missing automobile.

Spoiler alert: they eventually find it, but only after helping a race of aliens secure the Continuum Transfunctioner, one of the ultimate MacGuffins in the annals of film lore. It’s a truly iconic film that really captures the promise and excitement of the late ‘90s and pre-9/11 2000s.. Definitely give this one a spin around the block.

Best Comedy Movies to Watch While High: Wrapping Up

Okay, so you’ve found the perfect movie and you’re ready to kick back and relax. Before you ask “dude, where’s my bud,” head on over to your local Mission dispensary and explore our expansive selection of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes, edibles and more. You can also browse any of our dispensary menus from the comfort of your couch. We look forward to seeing you!