How to Use Cannabis Tinctures and Maximize Their Possible Benefits

If you haven’t heard of cannabis tincture before, your knowledge base is about to change for the better. These handy, cannabis-infused products are the latest evolutionary step in an ancient extraction technique. Most importantly, cannabis tincture may provide a variety of benefits to medical and recreational users alike. In this guide, we’ll detail the wonders of cannabis tincture.

What is Cannabis Tincture?

Tinctures aren’t anything new. In fact, they date back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians appear to have invented the first tinctures by soaking herbs in alcohol. The world over, tinctures have been a mainstay of folk medicine for centuries.

Cannabis tinctures follow the same philosophy. Today, cannabis tinctures generally consist of cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the plant’s buds. Some tinctures make use of alcohol to extract these compounds, while others use oils or glycerin.

Even if a cannabis tincture uses alcohol in its extraction process, that doesn’t mean it will get you drunk. Generally, extractors remove any traces of alcohol before selling the tincture to a distributor.

How to Use a Tincture

One great thing about cannabis tincture is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Most tinctures you’ll find on dispensary shelves today come with a  squeezable dropper top. These droppers let you measure exactly how much tincture you want to use for accurate, consistent, and simple dosing.

What’s more, a tincture provides a user with two different routes of administration. Most edibles require a user to simply swallow them. You can do this with tinctures, too. Alternatively, you can also apply tincture directly to the area beneath your tongue. This method is known as “sublingual dosing”—more on that later.

Does Cannabis Tincture Have Any Benefits?

Generally, you can look at the benefits of cannabis tinctures in one of two ways. First, you can assess any possible health-related properties they may possess. Second, it’s a good idea to consider what benefits tinctures have in comparison to other forms of cannabis consumption.

The possible benefits associated with a tincture depend on what exactly is in the solution. For example, a THC tincture may be able to relieve stress, improve sleep, and provide support for various eating challenges. THC tincture also provides a user with the psychoactive “high” typical of any cannabis product. CBD-based tincture won’t provide the “high” and works a bit differently to provide the other possible health benefits common with THC tinctures, in addition to potentially reducing chronic pain and inflammation.

Tincture vs Vaping, Smoking, or Edibles

What’s more, tincture is a smoke-free way to consume cannabis, providing several benefits over alternative methods such as smoking or vaping. It won’t draw any attention if you need to use it on the go.

One main benefit that tinctures offer over other edibles is the potential for speedier effects. These effects aren’t as immediate as with smoking or vaping, but are usually felt long before an edible would be. Most edibles can take up to three hours to affect you. In contrast, tinctures can take a fraction of that time when ingested sublingually—usually around 30 minutes.

Finally, tincture has an extremely long shelf life. Just make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight!

If you’re interested in trying cannabis tincture for yourself, you’re in the right place. Find a Mission dispensary near you to begin exploring cannabis tinctures.