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Sometimes known as “bud,” the cured flowers of the cannabis plant are the simplest and most iconic form of marijuana products. Made to be packed in a pipe or rolled into a joint, these cannabis products are fragrant and fun. From cerebrally energizing sativa strains to relaxing indicas and hybrids, the range of possibilities is a veritable bouquet for all your senses. With new strains hitting our dispensary shelves each week, there’s always the opportunity to try something new, stimulating, relaxing, or unusual. Check the dispensary menu nearest you to see what’s in stock!


Are you a fast-moving cannabis aficionado on the go? If you love fresh, fragrant cannabis (but don’t want to carry a bulky pipe or spend hours trying to roll a single joint), there’s nothing easier than pre-rolls! Always fresh and expertly rolled, these crucial dispensary products are available in a delightfully dizzying array of strains and cannabinoid ratios. With a new selection hitting our dispensary shelves each week, you’re always invited to try something new.

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If gooey chocolates, lip-puckering fruit gummies, or crunchy fresh-baked cookies inspire your imagination, you’ve come to the right place! Our selection of tempting cannabis edibles offer all the benefits of cannabinoids—such as THC and CBD—in an ingestible, easy-to use, and delicious format. From refreshing cannabis-infused beverages to discreet and easy-to-use mints to delicious brownies and other sweets, it’s no surprise cannabis-infused edibles rank among the most popular of all dispensary products. Check the dispensary menu nearest you to see what’s in stock!


Curious about the healing potential of CBD? While cannabis products are more commonly associated with a psychoactive “high,” this powerful cannabinoid doesn’t impart any intoxication. As a growing number of clinical studies suggest, CBD can help us manage chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other symptoms and conditions. If you’re interested in accessing the potential of this powerful cannabinoid, we offer a wide range of high-CBD and CBD-only dispensary products. Check the dispensary menu nearest you to see what’s in stock.

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Are you ready to try the future of cannabis products? Vaporizers (or “vapes”) dispense a cool mist that’s easier on lungs and airways than smoked cannabis. With a seemingly endless selection of strains, cannabinoid ratios, and aromas, cannabis vaporizers are one of the most exciting and popular options among all our dispensary products. Whether you’re looking for a heightened experience from a purpose-made flower vaporizer or the convenience of a sleek pen-style vape, we’ve got the right product for everyone’s budget, needs, and goals.


Made by carefully extracting the active cannabinoids and terpenes from fresh flower, cannabis concentrates are among the newest and most revolutionary marijuana products. Combining unrivaled potency and flavor delivered in a variety of consistencies, these powerful extracts can be enjoyed in a purpose-made dab rig or vaporizer, or added in small amounts to a pipe or joint of flower. As with all cannabis products, we recommend you “start low and go slow” with these potent compounds.

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Tinctures & Capsules

Interested in accessing the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD in a shelf-stable, discreet, and easy-to-use format? Cannabis tinctures or capsules combine the potency and effectiveness of cannabis extracts with the ease of use and consistency of standard medications. Dispensed by dropper into food or beverages, ingested sublingually or swallowed, cannabis tinctures and capusles are the perfect marijuana products for those who are new to cannabis or simply prefer the familiarity and convenience of this easy-to-use format.


Did you know that cannabis works as well outside our bodies as it does inside? Cannabis topicals deliver the healing power of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids directly to sore or aching muscles and joints. Fast acting and achiness erasing, these soothing marijuana products come in a wide variety of formulations tailored to impart localized effects. Many of them impart no intoxicating psychoactivity, so you can get back in the game without any potentially distracting effects.