Island isn’t just our origin story, it’s our inspiration and mindset. As we expand where we grow and sell, we want everyone to be able to find their Island, embracing fun and freedom, no matter where you are. We strive to make the cannabis experience accommodating, approachable, and incredible for everyone, the perfect complement to any good time. We are proud to bring some sunshine to Massachusetts. Go out and seek your next adventure. How you find your Island is entirely up to you.

Our mission with Legends is to bring you back to simpler times, when you just wanted good cannabis, before weed got all pretentious. We’d like to offer you the strains that have stood the test of time and are familiar to most users, at an affordable price.

Sometimes it is just about smoking good weed. Nothing more and nothing less. That is why we created Mini Budz. We, like our fellow cannabis lovers, just want to be able to try new or legendary strains without breaking the bank. We grew it, sorted it, and now we want you to enjoy it. No larfy shake, but smaller nugs perfect for sampling.

Named for the year in which the term blunt was introduced to the world by way of hip hop, this is our take on the classic cannabis staple. Sophisticated and strong, 1988 blunts bring a rich smoking experience sure to impress high tolerance smokers. It’s everything you love about a blunt without the mess of rolling your own.