How to Correctly Identify Male vs Female Marijuana Plant Flowers

Have you ever wondered about the difference between boys and girls? No, we’re not talking about Venus and Mars here. Instead, we’re going to focus on differences between the male vs female weed plant. Male and female weed plants have several differences, and one of them is the crux of cannabis cultivation. In this post, we’re going to cover the specifics of the female cannabis plant and its flowers.

Male vs Female Marijuana Plants: How to Identify the Differences

Much like humans, it’s more difficult to tell the differences between male and female marijuana plants when they’re young. Baby cannabis plants (starts or cuttings) are almost impossible to tell apart from a gender perspective. In the vegetative state (the first few weeks of life), cannabis plants only develop stems and leaves.

However, once marijuana plants mature into the flower phase, even a layman can begin noticing the differences between males and females. If you’re a longtime grower, you may be able to notice some small differences at the very end of the vegetative phase (usually about 6 weeks into the cycle).

Male vs Female Marijuana Flowers

First and foremost, female plants are the only ones that develop flowers. And since flowers are the only part of a cannabis plant that develop any meaningful amount of THC, female plants are what is desirable in cultivation gardens.

In contrast, male cannabis plants don’t grow flowers. As a result, they barely develop any THC at all. That means male plants will just waste space, light, and nutrients. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it gets even worse.

Instead of developing flowers, male cannabis plants grow pollen sacs. These small ball- or nut-shaped structures hold pollen. Once they burst open, the pollen spreads around, flying around on tiny gusts of air as they seek out female plants. After pollen finds a female plant, it lands on her flowers and the two mix their DNA to reproduce. Essentially, it’s how cannabis plants have sex with one another. And you don’t need any of that funny business in your grow room or garden.

What to Do With Male Plants and Female Cannabis Plant Flowers

Are you a cultivator who’s wondering what to do with your plants? We have some suggestions for you! As always, if you have a female cannabis plant, you should harvest her flowers and smoke them! It’s always rewarding to spark up homegrown flower at the end of a long day.

If you discover male plants in your garden, your choices are a little more limited. The first thing you want to do is get it out of your grow ASAP. When a male plant spreads its pollen and breeds with a female cannabis plant, her flowers will no longer generate THC. Instead, she’ll start developing seeds with a new genetic code.

If you’re not going to breed cannabis plants, you should just kill the male plant. However, if you’re interested in doing your own experiments with cannabis breeding, you can breed the male with a female plant to get your own seeds containing a brand new genetic line.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed (and learned some new information) in our guide to male vs female marijuana plants. If you want to try out some new strains before you cultivate them in your own garden, you can find premium strains at your local Mission dispensary.