Dig Into the Mouth-Watering Runtz Cake Strain

Calming, sweet, and undeniably delicious, the Runtz Cake strain is a relaxing and vanilla-scented gigglemaker. While a balanced hybrid, it’s known for imparting a happy calm that kicks anxiety and stress to the curb.

In this Runtz Cake strain review, we’ll share everything we know about this lesser-known and great-tasting cultivar, including:

  • Where Runtz Cake comes from
  • Its genetic lineage
  • What Runtz Cake smells and tastes like
  • Potential Runtz Cake effects and benefits

And more! Ready to cut into your favorite new cake? Let’s dig in….

Where Runtz Cake Comes From: Backstory and Genetics

While our sources agree that Cake Runtz is the “child” of two knockout strains, its origins are somewhat of a mystery, with no one being quite sure who first bred this delicious hybrid. Regardless, its pedigree speaks for itself:

  • White Runtz: Relaxing, tingly, and long-lasting, White Runtz gets its name from its abundant frosting of white trichomes—a hint to its potency. In addition to its sweet flavor, this strain is known for chasing away symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety.
  • Wedding Cake: Sweet and flavorful, this hybrid strain delivers equal parts uplift and carefree relaxation. But be careful: With a THC level around 24%, it’s best approached with caution!

Descending from one of the most popular strain families of recent years—Runtz—if you go back even further back in Runtz Cake’s lineage, you’ll find other beloved strains like Gelato, Zkittlez, Thin Mints and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) representing a solid genetic profile alongside its indulgent aromas and flavors.

What Does Runtz Cake Smell and Taste Like?

The word “cake” in its name should hint at Runtz Cake’s deliciousness. Often described as imparting a blast of sweet, ripe berries with overtones of spice, fuel, and creamy vanilla, it’s a notably delicious smoke.

Those characteristics come from Runtz Cake’s terpenes, the characteristic aromatic oils present in all strains. And with the strain’s most dominant terpene being caryophyllene, you can expect it to impart spicy, peppery notes—in addition to potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.

Potential Runtz Cake Effects and Benefits

What about cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, the “major active ingredients” in cannabis? While exact percentages vary from harvest to harvest, Cake Runtz has an average THC level of around 18%, making it potent but not overwhelmingly so. But if you’re looking for CBD, the “second cannabinoid,” best to search elsewhere.

Though it’s a hybrid strain, people report that Runtz Cake is more relaxing than energizing, offering a solid mood uplift that can melt into giggly and relaxed experience that may leave you feeling hungry.

What other benefits can we expect from Runtz Cake? In addition to imparting that distinctive psychoactive “high,” THC has been shown to fight pain and inflammation and may help us get a better night’s rest. It may even help tackle historically difficult-to-treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

Explore Other Top-Shelf Strains with Mission

As we’ve seen, the Runtz Cake strain is a fun-loving gigglemaker and one beloved for potentially chasing away anxiety and imparting a warm, happy glow. And with a THC content hovering around 18%, it’s potent but not so strong that newcomers to cannabis need to steer clear.

If you love a truly delicious smoke, this strain just may be your slice of cake. Packed with sweet berry flavor, Runtz Cake delivers a delightful vanilla flavor followed by a slightly sour and spicy exhale. It’s no wonder everyone seems to want a piece of this pie.

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Runtz Cake Strain FAQs

What is the Runtz Cake strain?

As a cross between White Runtz and Wedding Cake, Runtz Cake is an evenly balanced hybrid that’s known to impart calming rather than energizing effects. Many people love its ability to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Is Runtz Cake strong?

With an average THC level around 18%, Runtz Cake is potent but not overly so. But be forewarned: If you overindulge, you could find yourself enjoying an unscheduled naptime.

What does the Runtz Cake strain taste like?

As both of its “parent strains” are noted for their delicious flavor, it’s no surprise that Runtz Cake is noted for an especially yummy aroma and flavors. Think sweet, ripe berries underpinned with a spicy fuel aroma, and a vanilla-scented exhale for good measure.