Sativa Strains

Looking for something that’s uplifting and euphoric? Sativa strains may be just what you’re looking for. We’ll take a deep dive into sativas on this page. First, we’ll look at what makes a sativa a sativa, including whether it feels like an upper or a downer. Then, we’ll identify some of the strongest and most potent sativa strains with the highest THC available at our Mission dispensaries.

What’s the Difference: Indica vs Sativa Nugs, Genetics and Origins

Regardless of whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a nugget neophyte, you’ve probably heard about sativas and indicas. They’re one of three broad categories of cannabis plants along with indicas and hybrids. Nearly every strain falls into one of these three classifications.

Sativa plants have some physical characteristics that differentiate them from indicas. For one, they grow tall and lanky, with large, dense buds separated by long stems. Think of them as a “weed grapevine.” That’s in contrast to indicas, which grow short and shrubby. Sativa leaves also are longer and thinner than the fat, stubby indica’s leaves.

They originate from different places, too. Indicas evolved in relative solitude for millions of years in Central Asia (specifically the Hindu Kush region). But sativa strains developed worldwide, sprouting up everywhere from South Africa to Europe and South Asia to the Americas.

Effects of Sativa Strains

There are more than physical and geographical characteristics that separate sativa and indica strains. Conventional wisdom says that both of these strains can make a user feel different ways. We’re talking, essentially, about whether a sativa is an upper or downer.

Specifically, sativa strains have a euphoric and cerebral effect. They make you feel more energized than sedate. Sativa strains can often be invigorating, making them much better-suited for parties and activities than indicas are. They’re also a great choice for anyone who likes to get out and adventure in nature.

Sativas are great, but they’re not perfect. Specifically, since sativas are so energizing, they might not be the best choice if you’re trying to fall asleep. As a result, sativa strains are better used during the daytime or early afternoon. Save the indicas for nighttime.

Benefits of Sativa Strains for Medical Marijuana Patients

You can use sativas for more than just recreational purposes! Sativas may have a lot to offer for medical cannabis patients, too. Some of the most common ways that medical patients use sativa strains are to alleviate:

  • Chronic Pain: Probably one of the most common reasons that patients use medical cannabis. In fact, humans have used cannabis (including sativa strains) as a painkiller for 5,000 years.
  • Fatigue: Sativa strains seem to be particularly adept at combating fatigue thanks to their invigorating and uplifting effects.

Mission’s Top Sativa Strains List

Okay, so we’ve covered the distinctive characteristics of sativas and how they differ from indicas. But what sativa strains can you find at your local Mission dispensary? We’re glad you asked! Here are some of our favorites.

Blue Dream

There’s only one Blue Dream. One of the most popular strains of the late 2000’s and early 2010s, Blue Dream was the hot thing before Girl Scout Cookies came along. This cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Super Silver Haze has certainly made a name for itself. And with its blue-tinged buds and uplifting effects, it’s no surprise that Blue Dream has left its mark on the annals of the most potent sativa strains.

Pineapple Express

Here’s a strain that’s famous even beyond the boundaries of the cannabis world. Thanks to the 2008 movie by Seth Rogan, pretty much everyone has heard of Pineapple Express. This cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian combines pleasant, invigorating effects with a great tropical taste. It should enjoy a spot on every cannabis consumer’s strain bucket list.

Strawberry Cough

Out of all the berries out there, strawberries might taste the best. That’s exactly what the breeder who created Strawberry Cough thought when he crossed Haze with Strawberry Fields. Named for its ability to make even the most seasoned stoner cough, Strawberry Cough is a great choice for anyone who needs to de-stress.

What Is the Strongest Sativa Out There?

This actually isn’t as simple a question as you may assume it is at first glance. That’s because there’s no certain answer. The “strongest sativa strain” can vary greatly. It depends on a ton of variables, including growing conditions, nutrients, and, of course, genetics.

However, if you’re for the most potent sativa strains available at any Mission dispensary, that honor goes to Crescendo. Typically clocking in at nearly 30% THC, it’s actually one of the most powerful strains we carry period.

Sativas: The Takeaway

Interested in checking out more of our strains? You can find a full list of all our sativa strains, along with everything else we carry, in our online store. Find the Mission dispensary closest to you here! You can also peruse our online menus from the comfort of your own home. Either way, we look forward to serving you.