Strain Profile: Wedding Pie

If you’re looking for a strain to fall in love with, you’ll find it in Wedding Pie. This marijuana strain combines elements of indica and sativa plants with lip-smacking sweet grape flavor to create truly next-level cannabis. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Wedding Pie in this strain review, including growing info, flavor, appearance, effects, THC level, and more.

What Strain is Wedding Pie: Genetics

When Cannarado Genetics crossed Wedding Cake with Grape Pie, they must have known they were on to something. The end result, Wedding Pie, is the kind of strain that cannabis aficionados dream about.

Is the Wedding Pie Strain Indica or Sativa?

Wedding Pie’s genetics make it a slightly indica-leaning hybrid. It stands at about 60% indica and 40% sativa though, giving it a fairly balanced profile. This is a great combo, since it couples all the best aspects of indica strains and tempers them with some traits typical of sativas.

Wedding Pie Marijuana Strain: Scent, Taste, and Appearance

You’ll know Wedding Pie is a premium strain the first time you lay eyes on it. Its light green, golden hue calls out to you, encouraging you to look closer and take a deep whiff. Bold orange hairs crown each bud, and the entire structure shimmers with kief.

When taking that whiff, you are likely to be intrigued by Wedding Pie’s aroma. Its Grape Pie ancestor definitely comes through in its aroma, combining the juicy scent of grapes with the pungent earthy smell typical of OGs, rounded out with spicy-sweet tones. It doubles down on its grape and berry flavor after you consume it, making this strain a great choice for anyone who loves dessert-flavored cannabis.

Wedding Pie’s Effects

With its hybrid ancestry, Wedding Pie offers a variety of effects. It’s noticeably indica-forward, with a powerful body experience that starts with some warm tingles and grows to emanate throughout your body. A calming sensation accompanies that body high, washing over you and lulling you into a deep relaxation. A sense of euphoria joins in, uplifting your mood. These effects are in part thanks to Wedding Pie’s THC level, which typically hovers around 20% and makes it a middle-of-the-road strain. Just be careful not to overdo it with Wedding Pie—you may end up seriously sleepy!

Wedding Pie and Medical Cannabis Patients

Recreational users aren’t the only ones who can enjoy wedding pie. Medical cannabis patients also report that it may help them alleviate several of their qualifying conditions. Many patients use medical cannabis to relieve pain and discomfort like muscle aches or headaches, and Wedding Pie offers those effects. Its indica properties also make it a prime candidate for anyone seeking relief from sleep troubles. Finally, its soothing, relaxing effects may help relieve stress in the short term, and it may even be helpful against muscle spasms in some cases.

Growing Wedding Pie

Even if you’ve never grown cannabis before, Wedding Pie is a great strain to introduce to your garden. For one, it’s hardy and can stand up to many pathogens that would fell other strains. Not only that, but it’s not super picky about its environmental conditions. As long as you keep your Wedding Pie well-watered, your plants shouldn’t have any problem reaching harvest day.

Flowering Time

Thanks to its indica side, Wedding Pie is fairly quick to mature. If you’re growing indoors, you’ll probably notice your plants beginning to look ready for harvest around week eight. Depending on the conditions in your garden, you may want to wait until week nine to actually cut your plants down. If you have an outdoor garden, you’ll want to harvest either by late September or the first week of October.


If you raise this strain right, Wedding Pie will offer you plenty of flower come harvest day. In an indoor garden, this strain has been known to yield up to 13 ounces per square meter. Outdoor gardens, with a little help from our friend the sun, can yield a whopping 18 ounces per plant. If you can get your hands on some Wedding Pie seeds, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

Wedding Pie at Your Local Mission Dispensary

Thinking about trying some of this finger-licking good Wedding Pie for yourself? You’re in the right place! At Mission, we carry Wedding Pie along with an ample selection of dessert strains.

We have locations in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Michigan, along with a team of dedicated budtenders who can help you find Wedding Pie or anything else you might need. Stop by one of our cannabis dispensaries in person or browse our dispensary menus to see what we have in stock right now. Either way: we look forward to serving you!