Snack Attack: The Best Foods to Eat While High

You may be familiar with the ravenous hunger that can hit you when high—aka the munchies. Soon you’re wondering: “what do we have to eat?” Sometimes it just can’t be helped, but never fear! We’ve got your back with some of the best foods to eat when you’re high including  a variety of healthy snacks that can satisfy, too.

Best Food to Eat When You’re High

Food tastes are deeply personal, which is why it’s impossible to definitively nail down the best foods to eat when you’re high. Not only that, but cannabis can help make food smell and taste better, and has been known to inspire some truly unique food combinations.

With that said, we’ve curated a balanced list including some of our favorites here at Mission Dispensaries, including both healthy options along with some snacks that will scratch your munchie junk food itch.

Healthy Snacks to Eat While You’re High: Sugar Snap Peas and Hummus

This is a great snack that’s healthy for you and pretty simple to make. When it comes to dealing with the munchies, that’s a winning combination.

Sugar snap peas have 1.8 grams of protein, 1.6 grams of fiber, and only 27 calories per cup. They’re also cholesterol- and fat-free, and they’re even a good source of vitamin C. When you combine this ubiquitous veggie with hummus, another great munchy food that’s packed with protein, you have an unbeatable combination for a healthy snack to eat when you’re high.

There’s also essentially zero prep work with this snack, either. All you need to do is remember to buy sugar snap peas and hummus at the store. You don’t even really need any plates or silverware!

Timeless Classic: Loaded Grilled Cheese

Many folks have crafted their own grilled cheese recipe. Just like the legendary Chemdawg strain, our recipe was handed down to us through the annals of hippie lore, featuring prominently at the parking lot gatherings around Grateful Dead and Phish concerts.

You may think that the grilled cheese sandwich is an uninspired choice for the munchies at first glance. But we say “nay!” You can do a lot with the simple ingredients that grilled cheese requires. It’s important to start with some kind of high quality bread—sourdough is a good choice. Then, pick your cheese. Combining pepperjack and sharp cheddar is a next-level maneuver. Here’s where it gets interesting. Use two layers of cheese (at least) and put some kind of your favorite sauce between them. We love mustard, but barbecue sauce is great too.

When you’re grilling your sandwich, start on a low heat and cover your pan to ensure you melt the cheese before over toasting the bread. Once your cheese is nice and melted, remove the cover and turn up the heat to get a nice crunchy finish on the bread. Remember to use plenty of butter! Serve with tomato soup for dipping.

Next-Level Munchy Maneuver: Crostini

Crostini may sound like they require some intensive prep work. But in practice, they’re easier to make than grilled cheese is. Think of crostini as open-faced toast sandwiches. The thing that makes them one of the best snacks to eat when high is that they’re so customizable. You can pretty much let your imagination run wild when it comes to crostini.

One of our favorite crostini recipes involves some kind of cheese-infused bread (think asiago cheese, or jalapeno cheddar, for example). Toast them lightly on a cookie sheet in the oven. Then, add bruschetta or julienne cut sun dried tomatoes. Pile some olives, red onions, and salami (or another cured meat), along with roquefort cheese, on top. Voila! Your snack is already finished, and anyone who’s joined in on your sesh will be totally impressed by your culinary skills.

Snacks When You’re High: Wrapping Up

Before you can truly enjoy any of these snacks on a munchie-fueled level, you’ll need to get some cannabis. And what better way to enjoy some of the best things to eat when high than with some flower, concentrates or pre-rolls from Mission? Find your local Mission dispensary and stop by today, or browse the online menus for any of our locations to see what we’ve currently got in stock. We look forward to seeing you!