The Surprising Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

If you’ve ever stopped by any of our dispensaries, you probably know that we’re about much more than just fulfilling orders. Because the world of cannabis is so new for so many of us, there are a lot of questions to be answered. And while many of you visit Mission for your recreational marijuana needs, there are a great many of you wondering about medical marijuana health benefits.

This is a huge topic in and of itself. Why? For one thing, cannabis is an incredibly complex plant, containing literally hundreds of different compounds. And for another, due to decades of federal prohibition, research into the health benefits of marijuana is still playing catch-up.

But we can tell you this: A large and growing body of evidence points to medical marijuana’s effectiveness in addressing chronic discomfort, soothing stress and helping us get a better night’s sleep, among other medical benefits. In today’s post, we’ll provide you a brief survey of these benefits and the research supporting them.

Health Benefits of Marijuana: Meet the Cannabinoids

As we hinted at a moment ago, one reason marijuana has such medical potential is because of the wide array of natural compounds it contains. While there are several major types, the most important is called cannabinoids. You’ve probably heard of the two most important ones: THC and CBD. And while these two work together in a powerful synergy, they both provide very different benefits.

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for marijuana’s intoxicating “high.” But THC does much more than that. For starters, it’s widely used to relieve discomfort thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory action. And that distinctive psychoactivity has a medical benefit, too. Euphoria, it turns out, plays a role in our experience of pain

Beyond this, THC can help us manage sleep troubles, and it’s particularly effective for soothing nausea and stimulating the appetite. These last two can be game-changers for those undergoing treatment for serious diseases such as cancer.

Then there’s CBD, sometimes referred to as the “second cannabinoid.” It’s currently being studied for a large number of effects, including the purported ability to reduce anxiety and stress. It also deserves special mention as the active ingredient in Epidiolex®, an anti-seizure medication and the first cannabis-based drug to win FDA approval.

Like THC, CBD fights inflammation. But unlike THC, CBD doesn’t impart a “high.” Its psychoactivity is extremely mild, sometimes described as a gentle cerebral “buzziness.” This makes it a great choice for pediatric—or pet!—use in the fight against epilepsy and other syndromes.

Incredibly, that’s not all CBD is being studied for. At the moment, it’s being investigated for the potential to treat the symptoms of some notoriously difficult conditions, including multiple sclerosis. That’s a lot for one plant medicine to take on. But here at Mission, it’s only stoking our excitement about further potential medical marijuana health benefits. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as new research and information become available. 

Prescriptions for Medical Marijuana

Do you need a prescription for medical marijuana? Not exactly. To access medical marijuana, you must first register with your state’s marijuana authority and obtain a doctor’s recommendation. The good news is that—through our partner Leafwell—we can help you get set up! Ready to get started? Just click here.

Of course, in states where it’s legal, you can always purchase recreational marijuana and use it to address your symptoms and conditions. But a medical marijuana card will typically give you access to lower prices and other potential benefits. Be sure to check with your state’s licensing authority for details.

Medical Marijuana Health Benefits: In Conclusion

We hope today’s post gives you some insights into what chronic symptoms and conditions you might address with medical marijuana. We also hope to see you at one of our dispensary locations soon, or feel free to browse our menu online from the comfort of home. If you have any other questions, just ask! We’re always here to help.