Which Cannabis Strains Make You Creative?

For decades, one of the most common questions in cannabis strains contained a hidden—or make that not so hidden—swipe at those who enjoy marijuana: 

Doesn’t it make you lazy? 

As anyone who relies on cannabis for relief of chronic symptoms and conditions knows, the truth is far more nuanced. While it’s true that some strains foster a deeply relaxing and sedative state—both of which are potentially great antidotes to insomnia, by the way—others have a well-deserved reputation for sparking inspiration. 

With the two-pronged goal of sharing authoritative cannabis knowledge (and perhaps jump-starting your creative pursuits), here’s some information about the best strains for creativity.

Cannabis for Inspiration: Best Strains for Creativity

If we’re to rely merely on anecdotal—that is, self-reported—evidence, there’d be little doubt that cannabis has the potential to spark our creativity. Artists, musicians, and creatives ranging from Louis Armstrong to Steve Jobs have all gone on record testifying to the cannabis plant’s unique ability to inspire creative thought.

But there’s scientific evidence to back this up as well. One study suggests that cannabis positively impacts hyper-priming, a form of creative thought “popcorning” in which words or concepts can spur faster associations with other ones than would normally be observed. But the question is: What types of cannabis inspire these creative connections?

As you likely know, cannabis is a spectacularly complex plant, containing not one medically active compound but dozens of them, with more waiting to be discovered). This can make categorizing different strains (and predicting their effects) a challenge, but we’ve got a few tools at our disposal.

If you peruse any of our dispensary live menus, you’ll see that strains are typically classified as “Indica,” “Sativa,” or “hybrid.” While there’s some disagreement as to how accurate these terms are, it’s generally accepted that Indica (or Indica-leaning hybrid) strains impart a heavier body-centered relaxation, while Sativa (or Sativa-leaning hybrid) strains tend to inspire creativity.

But a potentially more useful way to go about it is to examine a given strain’s cannabinoid content. THC, of course, is the cannabinoid that imparts the cannabis plant’s euphoric “high.” CBD, by comparison, imparts at most a gentle cerebral “buzz.” While it’s not considered intoxicating in the same way THC is, it’s often described as being mildly stimulating, and has been shown to potentially reduce anxiety and insomnia. Talk about two birds with one stone: It’s entirely plausible that a marijuana strain with high CBD content could also be a best strain for anxiety and creativity!

Best Strains for Creativity: Specific Examples

Here are a few classics renowned for their inspiring effects:

Blue Dream

A legendary Sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream imparts a gentle euphoria with inspiration and overall relaxation. It’s popular for medical use, providing strong relief of symptoms without noticeable sedation.


Though this beloved hybrid tends slightly towards Indica, there’s more than enough Sativa to get the creative juices flowing. Do be aware that overindulgence can lead to a strong “couch lock” effect, so go low and slow!

Jack Herer

A cannabis legend, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is named for the late cannabis activist. It’s known for imparting a profound body experience balanced by strong cerebral stimulation—no surprise given a THC content that can exceed 30%!

Best Strain for Anxiety and Creativity: In Conclusion

We hope today’s post gets you excited about marijuana’s potential for creative inspiration! We hope to see you at one of our dispensary locations soon, or feel free to browse our menu online from the comfort of home. If you have any other questions about cannabis and creativity, just ask! We’re always here to help.