Product Spotlight: The Era Life Vaporizer by PAX

The PAX Era Life is PAX’s newest vaporizer model designed specifically for vaping cannabis oils. It’s a nifty little unit that provides a serious upgrade over standard 510 batteries and it’s quickly becoming one of our favorite ways to vape oils.

At the core of what makes the PAX vaporizer lineup so great is a bold mix of innovation and simplicity, and the PAX Era Life is no different. The new PAX Era Life provides a simple yet enhanced oil vaping experience that gives the user more control over their session, without going overboard on the features.

Here’s our breakdown of this wonderful little unit and why we think you should give it a try.

What Is the PAX Era Life?

The PAX Era Life is a small handheld vaporizer made to be compatible with PAX vape pods. It features instant heat-up time, 4 temperature settings, and works with both 0.5g and 1g vape pods. At about 150 puffs per battery charge, this little unit is everything you need to vape all your favorite oils on the go and hassle-free.

While the PAX Era Life vaporizer is a little bit pricier than a standard 510 vape battery ($35 USD MSRP), it provides greater temperature control, a longer battery life, better aesthetics, and compatibility with PAX’s signature vape pods.

PAX Era Life vs PAX Era Pro

The PAX Era Life is meant to be a new variation of PAX’s highly successful Era Pro model. This scaled down version of the Pro has less temperature control and a shorter battery life than its predecessor, but it’s also only about half the price.

One big drawback of the PAX Era Life is that it isn’t compatible with the PAX Era app. The PAX Era app gives PAX Era Pro users access to precise temperature control settings and dynamic modes, allowing them to fine-tune their vape session just to their liking. The PAX Era app also provides other useful features like child locks and low pod alerts whose absence are noticeable from the PAX Era Life.

The decision to not include app compatibility is a questionable one as even the PAX Era Pro’s predecessor–the PAX Era–has it. Nevertheless, even without the app, the PAX Era Life still feels like the PAX Era Pro most of the time, and there’s seemingly less of a difference between the Life and the Pro than between the PAX Era vs PAX Era Pro.

How To Use PAX Era Pods

PAX Era pods look a little different than regular vape cartridges and this can understandably cause some confusion. In fact, our budtenders tend to get questions about how to use PAX Era pods pretty often.

PAX pods are actually really easy to use. Just pull one out of the package and click it into the battery. You’ll know that the pod has been properly inserted because the vape’s LED light will pulse white, indicating that it’s ready to vape.

If you have any questions about how to use PAX Era pods, don’t hesitate to ask one of the budtenders at our dispensary and they’ll be glad to help you out!

The Final Verdict

The PAX Era Life is a compact yet powerful vape pen representing a clear step up from the 510 thread vape batteries you usually find at dispensaries. If you’re looking for a better vaping experience than a 510 allows for, or if you liked the PAX Pro but don’t mind something a little simpler, the PAX Era Life is definitely for you.

PAX Era Pods at Mission

Looking for some PAX Era Pods for your new PAX Era Life or PAX Pro? Then come down to one of our Michigan, Illinois or Massachusetts dispensaries today or shop our online menu right now to see what we’ve got in stock.

Thinking of trying out a PAX vape for yourself? We also carry a variety of cannabis accessories including many different types of vaporizers like the PAX Era Life and PAX Pro.

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