Cannabis Vaporizers: Easy, Flavorful and Convenient

If you’re new to cannabis or returning after a break, you may be intrigued by our extensive vaporizer selection. Far from being a whole new kind of cannabis, you can think of the marijuana vaporizer as the refinement of a very old idea: That enjoying a cool cannabis mist might have advantages over inhaling potentially irritating smoke. And while—trust us—we have nothing against fresh, fragrant cannabis flower, a growing number of our customers are finding benefits in trying a THC vaporizer.

With that in mind, let’s delve into some of the principal characteristics of the vaporizer, including:

  • How vaporizers work
  • Why the vaporizer is different from other consumption methods
  • How to use a marijuana vaporizer

This guide should provide you with all you need to know in order to try this high-tech way to access the benefits of cannabis for yourself.

The Difference Between Vaporizer and Bong: What Makes Vaporizers Unique

There’s no doubt that smoking cannabis flower the “old-fashioned way” is classic, simple and effective. While it’s easy to do and the active cannabinoids take effect within a few minutes, there are some downsides. If smoking cannabis is objectively less harmful than smoking tobacco, it still brings potentially irritating smoke into our lungs.

By comparison, vaporizers don’t actually burn cannabis flower or concentrates. Instead, they heat either finely ground flower or a carefully refined cannabis concentrate just to the temperature at which the volatile compounds such as THC and CBD are released as a cool mist—in other words, vaporized.

Though some people liken a THC vaporizer to a bong, that’s not an accurate comparison. While the liquid in a bong or water pipe has the effect of cooling the smoke, it’s still harder on the lungs than using a vaporizer.

While there are highly capable tabletop vaporizers on the market, most are the slim and portable style you’ve probably seen before. These can range from slim pen-style units to fancier units such as the PAX Era Life. Regardless of their complexity or price point, all such vaporizers work on the same principle: That inhaling a cool mist is a fast-acting but gentler way of interacting with cannabis.

How to Use a Vaporizer: Vape Pens

While marijuana vaporizers may be high-tech devices, the good news is that the majority of the slim pen-style devices out there couldn’t be simpler. All that’s required is a charged-up battery and a loaded cartridge (or chamber on refillable units). That said, there are some ways to make your experience even more pleasurable:

  • When you inhale, imagine you’re sipping hot tea. Small, gentle puffs on a vaporizer allow for a fuller vaporization of the cannabis oil or ground flower.
  • Be sure to keep your vape clean. If it’s a refillable model, make sure you clean the chamber regularly by disassembling the unit and cleaning it with a cotton swab moistened with running alcohol.
  • If you do opt for a flower vaporizer such as the PAX 3, invest in a grinder. Why? For one thing, the ground flower will be more completely utilized. And when you pull apart flower by hand, all the stickiness that ends up on your fingertips isn’t ending up in the vaporizer!

Cannabis Vaporizer FAQs

Q: Is the experience from a vaporizer less powerful than smoking?

A: No. While some people find smoking a more intense experience due to the physical effects of inhaling smoke, the bioavailability of cannabis is generally higher with vaping.

Q: Is vaping cannabis safer than smoking it?

A: Because vaping avoids carcinogenic smoke products, it is easier on our lungs. However, even vaping can have health consequences, so we always recommend you exercise caution and moderation.

Q: Can I vape in public?

A: No. While vaporizers don’t emit actual smoke, it’s still illegal to consume cannabis in public.

The Marijuana Vaporizer: Shop Cannabis Products with Mission

We hope this resource provides clear guidance as to how to use a cannabis vaporizer (and why you might want to try one). Vaporizing not only provides a unique way to experience cannabis flower or concentrates, but it’s an appreciated consumption method for those who might want to avoid the potential irritants that come along with smoking.

There are several ways to access the benefits of vaporizing cannabis: flower or concentrates, slim portable pen devices to table-top units with expanded functionality—and all points in between!

If you’re looking for great deals on cutting-edge vaporizers, choose the dispensary closest to you and browse our ever-growing selection. Better yet, visit any of our family of dispensaries and ask your friendly budtender for more information on vaporizers. We hope to see you soon!