What Is Kief? One Cannabis Concentrate Explained

If you’re a fan of niche concentrates with a potent kick, you can’t pass up on marijuana kief. Kief is one of the oldest types of concentrates out there. What’s more, it’s easy to harvest your own kief through your own consumption (if you smoke flower). Still, sometimes kief doesn’t get the attention it deserves and we’re going to change that. In this post, we’ll look at what cannabis kief is, how you can make it, and how to smoke it.

What is Kief?

First, we’ll cover what kief is. Kief is one of the simplest types of cannabis concentrates in the world. The term refers to a collection of the powdery trichomes that are found on (and fall off of) cannabis flower buds. Kief may appear as a brown, yellow, tan, or gold dust that easily clumps and sticks together. Trichomes hold more THC than any other part of a marijuana plant, making a collection of kief highly potent. When pressed, kief becomes another classic cannabis concentrate: hashish (or hash).

Even the world’s most potent cannabis flower usually maxes out its THC content somewhere in and around 30% potency. But that’s where kief is just getting started. Because kief is a collection of the most potent parts of the cannabis flower, most kief clocks in around 50% THC, while high-grade kief can top even that.

How to Smoke Cannabis Kief

One of the best things about kief is that it’s so versatile. You can use it in a variety of ways, including vaping it. However, smoking kief is by far the most common way to consume it. And learning how to smoke kief may not be as easy as you think. See, you can’t just pack some kief into a bowl or roll some into a joint and spark it up. It’s too powdery!

Instead, kief is best used along with marijuana flower. You can add cannabis flower to a bowl or joint and then simply sprinkle kief on top of it.

How to Make Marijuana Kief

Another great thing about kief is how easy it is to acquire. As always, you can procure high-grade kief from your local dispensary. But you can also harvest your own. All you need is a special type of grinder with a compartment at the bottom called a “kief catcher.” This is essentially a small wire sheet that allows kief to pass through while holding your buds back. The more cannabis flower you grind, the more kief you’ll accumulate.

Cannabis Kief: Wrapping Up

Want to skip collecting your own kief and get straight to the good part? Discover all the different types of strains of kief we carry at your local Mission Dispensaries location. Browse our menus online or stop by in person to see what we currently have available. We look forward to seeing you soon!