Strain Profile: Deadhead OG

t’s not uncommon for some strains to go by different names, but Deadhead OG might just take the cake. Alternately known as Deadhead, Deadhead OG Kush, Deadhead OG or plain old Dead Head, this potent strain has no shortage of names (or fans). It’s no secret why: The Deadhead OG strain effects include a long-lasting body high with noted mental relaxation.

Whatever you choose to call it, this potent indica-dominant hybrid strain is well worth checking out. In today’s guide, we’ll explore some of the major aspects of this strain, including:

  • Deadhead OG Aroma and Flavor
  • Deadhead OG Strain Effects
  • Deadhead OG Genetics and Growing Info
  • Potential Symptomatic Relief Using the Deadhead OG Strain

Are you ready? Let’s get rolling!

The Deadhead OG Strain: Aroma and Taste

Often described as “hearty,” this strain is nothing if not full-flavored. With notes of dank earth, skunk, and pine, it’s a mouthful (and a noseful). As with all cannabis strains, this is largely due to Deadhead OG’s terpene profile, or collection of “essential oils” that give different strains their unique flavors and scents. In Deadhead OG, the dominant terpene is caryophyllene, known for imparting a pungent and peppery aroma as well as potential anti-inflammatory effects. Lesser players include bright citrus notes from limonene and myrcene, a terpene known to impart its own gentle sedative effects.

Deadhead OG Strain Effects: Deep Calm, Mental Chill

Let’s start with the Big Question: Is Deadhead OG sativa or indica? As you may know from our previous posts, these botanical terms—while arguably outdated—remain useful in terms of explaining (and predicting) the effects of specific cannabis strains. And as such, Deadhead OG is an indica-dominant hybrid.

What does this mean? While a hybrid strain combines the body-centered, relaxing attributes of indicas with the cerebral stimulation associated with sativas, in this case those indica attributes win out. Look for euphoria, deep relaxation, and a mental calm. While this isn’t a strain that makes you want to jump up and run a 5K, it’s a great choice for chilling out on the couch after a long day. Maybe that’s why so many fans report that Deadhead OG strain effects help them manage stress, depression, and chronic pain. In the words of one Leafly reviewer:

“Hands down my favorite strain and I’ve tried a lot. I use [it] primarily to get a good night’s sleep. There’s no other strain that works better. It’s also great for just unwinding after a long day. It really does an incredible job at relaxing the body and mind.”

As with any strain, these effects are largely due to Deadhead OG’s healthy THC content (roughly 22% on average). While not at the very highest end of the scale, it’s enough to warrant caution among newer cannabis consumers. Provided you imbibe carefully, you can look forward to full-bodied, long-lasting effects.

Deadhead OG Strain Info: Genetics and Growing Information

Deadhead OG’s lineage is tied to Chemdawg, a true legend of the cannabis world, along with the lesser-known SF OV Kush, a heavily sedating classic indica. Growers report that as an autoflowering plant it’s relatively easy to cultivate, and flourishes best using a hydroponic setup. Look for a typical flowering time of eight to ten weeks, after which you’ll reap a moderate to high yield of green, sticky flower with distinctive amber-colored pistils.

Deadhead OG Strain Effects: Potential Symptomatic Relief

Deadhead OG is good for much more than just kicking back. The strain gets high marks for helping stamp out stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. According to large-scale studies, cannabis varieties such as the Deadhead strain have the ability to address pain and lessen anxiety, especially when used in lower to moderate doses.

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Deadhead OG FAQs

Q: Is the Deadhead OG strain an indica?

A: Sort of. Descended from the Chemdawg and SF OV Kush strains, the Deadhead strain is classified as an indica-dominant hybrid.


Q: What are some Deadhead OG Strain effects?

A: An indica-dominant hybrid, the Deadhead strain imparts a potent, full-body high along with a pleasing mental relaxation. Be aware: Users of Deadhead OG can get chatty after imbibing!


Q: Is Deadhead OG good for anxiety?

A: Many consumers report that Deadhead OG helps them relax and unwind. According to one informal poll, some 45% of Deadhead strain users reported the strain was effective at reducing stress.