Cannabis Pre-Rolls: Convenience and Variety All Rolled Up For You

Love the experience of sharing a joint or blunt with friends (but struggle to roll them yourself)? Pre-roll joints might be your new best bud. Convenient, expertly crafted, and ready to go, they’re available in a stunning array of styles and strains.

Here’s everything you need to know about the pre-roll, including a user’s guide and a pre-roll FAQ.

What Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

There are plenty of ways to access the benefits of cannabis: Concentrates, edibles, vapes and more. But for many people, there’s just no beating fresh cannabis flower. And there’s no easier way to enjoy it than with a fresh, tightly packed pre-roll joint or blunt.

If you’re new to the world of the pre-roll, it’s exactly what it sounds like: A joint hand-rolled in advance. The idea is to save you time (and precious cannabis) instead of rolling it yourself. Because they’re available in such a wide selection of strains, purchasing pre-roll joints allows you to sample a wide variety of styles and strains (without spending an arm and a leg).

How to Use a Pre-Roll: Cannabis, Simplified

Ready to get started? Here’s a quick user’s manual:

  • If your pre-roll is cone-shaped, start by lighting the tip of the wide end while gently inhaling on the narrow end. If the pre-roll is the same diameter along its entire length, simply choose an end to light. Pro tip: Many pre-roll joints have a “crutch,” or a tiny tube of cardboard inserted on the unlit end for easier drawing. If your pre-roll features a crutch, be sure to light the opposite end!
  • Once the pre-roll is lit, be mindful that the flame doesn’t run down one side of the paper, creating a “canoe” (and wasting precious smoke). If it does, simply run a moistened fingertip along the paper to discourage the flame from spreading.
  • As with all inhaled cannabis, expect a pre-roll to take effect within just a few minutes. When you’ve had enough, gently extinguish the pre-roll by pinching off the lit “cherry” or gently stubbing it out. If you saved the original packaging, you’ll have a safe place to store it until next time.

How Pre-Rolled Joints and Blunts Work: Formats

Our huge selection of pre-rolls is available in different formats to best suit your needs. Here are a few of the most popular:

    • Pre-Roll Singles: A single, expertly rolled pre-roll joint, these “free agents” are ready to roll whenever you are!
    • Pre-Roll Packs: Hanging with friends? Buying a pack of pre-roll joints gives you the flexibility to share or simply stock up on your favorite strain.
    • Pre-Roll Blunts: A blunt is a variation of a joint in which cigar casing is used in place of regular rolling paper.
  • Infused Pre-Rolls: Infused pre-rolls are joints have been enhanced with cannabis concentrates such as oil, kief, hash or rosin. Because they contain cannabis flower in addition to concentrates, these are potent joints that should be consumed mindfully—especially if you’re new to pre-rolls or cannabis in general!

Benefits of Pre-Rolls: Convenience and Selection

Convenience is king when it comes to pre-rolls. Many cannabis lovers enjoy the practice and craft of rolling their own joints, but even those cannabis lovers appreciate the convenience of grabbing a pre-roll on the way to an cannabis-friendly event or gathering.

Not only that, but pre-rolls often come in 0.5-1.5 gram portions of ground flower, meaning you can sample a new strain before committing to investing in a larger quantity of flower or other strain-specific product.

If you’re interested in infused joints, there is nothing easier than the infused pre-roll, since infusing joints with oils, kief or other concentrates can be tricky to do oneself. With an infused pre-roll, you get an expertly infused and perfectly executed joint.

Seeing how convenient they are, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that pre-roll joints are among the most popular sellers at our family of dispensaries. When you visit any of our dispensary menus, select “Pre-Rolls” and you can filter between weights, brands, potency and other variables to help you find the perfect products for your needs and goals.

Pre-Roll Joints: FAQs

Q: Are pre-rolls good for beginners?

A: Yes. Their ease of use makes them great for beginners and occasional smokers. Plus, you won’t need to buy extra accessories or special equipment.

Q: Do pre-rolls go bad?

A: No. But over time, the THC in flower tends to degrade and become less potent. We recommend you use a pre-roll within 6 – 12 months of purchase and store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Q: Do blunts contain tobacco?

A: Yes. While most of the tobacco has been removed, the wrapper is still made of dried tobacco leaves.

Pre-Rolls and More: Shop Cannabis Products with Mission

For their convenience and ease-of-use, pre-rolls are among the most popular cannabis products available today. They’re great when you’re short on time or simply don’t want to roll joints yourself, and they are available in a variety of strains so you can explore more easily than investing in a larger quantity of flower. If you’re a fan of concentrates, infused pre-rolls off you the best of both worlds.

Are you searching for “pre-rolls near me” or to buy pre-rolls online? With a family of dispensaries spanning Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan, Mission has become a trusted source for cannabis pre-rolls and a wide selection of other cannabis products.

Just choose the dispensary closest to you and browse our expansive selection. We’d love to hook you up!